Lammas Festival - go pick some corn!

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Lammas Festival - go pick some corn!

Postby kit » Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:40 pm

It's Lammas tomorrow - and the Lammas newsletter has just gone out! Mr B will be putting it up on the website in case you haven't received it. If you haven't already subscribed to the newsletters, please go onto the website and do so!
What will you all be doing to celebrate? I'd like to be in the great Lammas Field at Stonewylde with a 360 degree view of all the fields and hills around me, buzzards soaring overhead, and the folk of Stonewylde reaping in the old fashioned way. But actually I'll be in Reading going mad trying to get the US edition of Magus to print. And driving the hard copy over to my friend to FedEx for me to the States.
But I'll make time to focus on what the festival's all about - the bounty of Mother Earth. I always pick some corn, wheat or barley at Lammas and tie it with a red ribbon, then keep it all year as a reminder of what this wonderful planet gives to us. I always intend to burn it symbolically, but can never bring myself to do so! So now I have quite a few Lammas sheaves (very mini sheaves!) sitting around in various places. Luckily in the old cottage where we're living at the moment, there's a great big ingle-nook fireplace and there's loads of space in there for some of my "sacred objects" as my sons call them.
I'd love to learn to weave corn dollies, and must look out for workshops where this is taught. It's so skilful and beautiful. I'm at the Lammas Fair in Eastbourne this Saturday, and perhaps there'll be a corn dolly stall. I really hope so.
But whatever happens I need to drive out from Reading and find some fields where there are crops growing. I do miss Dorset so much! What are you all doing? Does anyone perform any rituals or do anything special for Lammas? Let us know!
Bright blessings to everyone for Lammas - have a great time.
Kit xxx
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