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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:12 pm
by solsticedreamer
i have to agree with the Seth Lakeman suggestion (hmmmmm bias here as i am a big fan~think... seeing him play southampton then driving all the way to exeter the next day to see him again... :lol: luckily i had swampy to chauffer me!)

but i do like the darkness in 'the Killing Moon'...that would seem approprite in some places.

as for locations, living in dorset i am always imagining places for scenes!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:53 pm
by kit
This was a lovely idea for a thread, Sujee. I love the idea of Sylvie relaxing back into the soft leather of Magus' Rolls Royce, feeling all safe and secure, and little knowing what's in store for her! (No spoilers anyone please to save our new readers from anguish!). When I wrote about Magus catching her eye in the mirror and a moment of understanding passing between them, I thought just what you're thinking too. It's kind of sinister, because of course Sylvie doesn't understand at all.

Again, one of my favourite scenes which I can picture SO CLEARLY and it's just like a film scene, is the one in Solstice in the Galleried Hall, where Sylvie's wearing the corset dress of amethyst with seed pearls embroidered into it, with the diamonds sparkling about her neck. I won't say any more for new readers' sakes, but that whole scene is so vivid to me. Yul striding in, Magus shifting angrily on the great chair with boars' head armrests, all the vapid Hallfolk standing like a flock of pale sheep, Cherry and Marigold lurking in the arched doorway and whispering ...