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Greetings All

Postby Ruby » Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:29 am

Hello All,

Where to start? Great series! Well done Kit, you've done a great job.
And as I draw to the end of Solstice at Stonewylde, I find myself thinking..."C'mon Kit, where's Book Four?!".

It's OK, I know Book Four is in the wind and soon to materialise, but after reading the first three books in a week and a half...I've now run out of my new drug! How will I cope?

I first came across mention of Kit's books on an Australian pagan chat board, and moseyed over to to check them out. I toyed with the notion of buying them as I saw they were essentially self-published, but I'm not the snob I used to be when it comes to publishers (thank Goddess!) so I took the plunge and bought all three. So glad I did, it's been a wonderful journey.

Would I be alone if I admitted to yearning for a real idyllic Stonewylde? For years I have looked into the possibility of moving into a community along those lines, but the only ones I have ever found that looked even close either had so many rules and regs (no dogs/cats, no this, no that), or were run by fundamentalist religions not compatible with my own outlook. No matter, home is where the heart is - and if you have slice of Stonewylde, then our own personal idyll is never far away.

I've visited the UK several times and adore the stone circles, castles and cathedrals. I hope to get over there in 2009 (current economic circumstances not withstanding) and retrace my steps, particularly to Glastonbury.

For those who enjoyed Stonewylde, I'd like to share some other books that I have read and loved that might help you all fill in the time until Book Four arrives...

Witch's Honour by Jan Siegel
Little, Big by John Crowley
The Witching Time by Jean Stubbs
Once by James Herbert
War for the Oaks by Emma Bull


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Postby MISTYCAT » Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:04 pm

Welcome Ruby, glad to have you here! The book suggestions look good, I'm going to have a read up on them in a moment - I've got a few unread posts on here to catch up on first!!

Hope you enjoy the forum - we're all lovely!! :D
Blessings from Mistycat
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Postby Moongoddess » Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:18 pm

Hi Ruby and welcome to Stonewylde :D

I've read 'Once' and 'Witching Time' thoroughly enjoyed them, will look out for the others and thanks for the tips :D :D
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Postby Kas » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:41 pm

Welcome Ruby, you'll love it here :D
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Postby wherethewildrosesgrow » Sun Oct 12, 2008 3:25 pm

hallo Ruby and welcome from me too - you are not alone in wanting a "Real" Stonewylde - :wink: - If only xx
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Postby Sujee » Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:11 pm

HEllo Ruby, you are most welcome in virtual Stonewylde - after all it is as close as any of us are going to get to the real thing :lol:

I am just reading Once (for the third time) as I love this book! I shall look up your other suggestions when I ahve finished it. I am trying to not read Kit's books yet again, as I want to save them for the new year and the run up to book 4! :lol:
Love and Light

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Postby Carprimulgidae » Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:54 pm

welcome Ruby, nice to hear Stonewylde has spread down to you, what part are you from/living :?:
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Postby Ebany » Sun Oct 12, 2008 7:14 pm

welcome to Stonewylde Ruby!!
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Postby swampy » Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:01 pm

Hello Ruby, welcome to the forum :D
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Postby kit » Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:29 pm

Welcome to Stonewylde, Ruby! Delighted you've joined us and enjoyed the books so much. You're our first Australian member I believe (I mean living in Australia before iWitch jumps on me!) so it's especially lovely to have you here. So Stonewylde is being discussed on Aussie pagan forums is it? Do tell us more! I know Erykah was living over there for the past year, but I don't suppose it was her. (Erykah if you read this post it would be great to hear from you soon!).

I do hope you'll be an active member Ruby and share your experiences with us all. And please help by spreading the word about the books in your part of the world. If you are coming over to the UK next year let us know.

Bright Stonewylde blessings to you! :D
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Postby Ruby » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:59 am

Thank you for all the lovely hellos, and nice to meet you all - especially Kit!

I've now finished Book 3 - yay! - and enjoyed it immensely. There were quite a few surprises, even for an old cynic like myself who has been reviewing books for years and learnt to expect certain chains of events to take place.

I'm going to see i I can approach some pagan publications here to help plug the series, because it's quite simply very, very good - but you all know that :D

I live in the dreamy Blue Mountains, which is brimming full of magic and mystery, west of Sydney. It's a magnet for pagans, writers, artists and musicians...I could easily imagine a Stonewylde popping up here.

Last night I forgot to add another favourite reading recommendation - anything by Phil Rickman (no relation to Alan!), an ex-BBC radio journalist in the UK who has written numerous novels all that touch on paganism, the paranormal etc.

Check him out at - he's one of the few authors I've corresponded with over the years, and I love his work and his plots. I really hope they put some of his work on the small screen.

Speaking of the small screen, Kit, you should pitch your books to some production companies. Stonewylde would make a stunning movie/series! I can see something on the scale of Mists of would be gorgeous.

One more thing - what a talented family you have Kit: artist sister, PR sister, business whiz hubby. So heartening to see your family support you in your dream, that's real magic.


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Postby Ruby » Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:28 am

Ooops forgot to answer your question Kit...

On Spellcraft Magazine's chat group (an Aussie pagan mag)...

Solstice at Stonewylde Message List
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Re: Solstice at Stonewylde

Hello Ruby,

Her books are fantastic and I am doing my utmost to ensure that as many people as possible hear about them. They are great for young and older adults alike. I have had the pleasure of meeting Kit, and I now know that she has two more books in the series written, but not yet published. I just hope I don't have to wait years. *LOL*


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Thanks for the link - I hadn't heard of Kit.
Her books look fantastic.

I managed to get an advanced, autographed copy of this book from the author Kit Berry at the Halloween Festival in London.

The story of Sylvie, Yul, the Magus and the community continues in this the third book of the Stonewylde series. This third book does wind up the major plot line involving the three main characters, but still leaves some questions which will allow for the next two books. I expect I will read these in one sitting, as I did with the first three novels.

Kit Berry is certainly a talented writer, allowing the reader to revel in the atmosphere of the Stonewylde community for a few blissful moments before taking up the narrative. The author also has the knack of being able to provide a backstory simply and, almost subtlely. This allows the reader to understand the consequences for the behaviour of certain characters without the need for long explanatory notes by the author. This allows the storyline to continue at a cracking pace.

There are some developments in this book that may leave a few readers disturbed, certainly I did a bit of skimming over the sections when Sylvie is in the rooms of the Magus - not because the writing was lacking, but because the situation was more than a little uncomfortable and given that I had guessed a certain “twistâ€
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Postby kit » Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:41 am

Thanks for all this , Ruby. Yep, that's dear old iWitch I believe doing her stuff. She's been such a help in promoting the books, and you'll find her on this forum!

The Blue Mountains sound wonderful - it's Mr B's and my dream to visit Australia one day. Any help you could give plugging the books on forums or in publications would be wonderful. The books aren't available in Australia as yet (other than amazon of course) but we're looking into that, and indeed rights in many other countries. Any help from you in spreading the word about the series would be fantastic. You'll probably notice from other threads on this forum just how amazing my Stonewylders are at helping me. I still can't believe how much support I get from my readers, and how very loyal and helpful they are. I suppose this links to your original point about being self-published (and that's a great question for the interview and one which I'm looking forward to answering) - because we're a tiny, home-grown company with none of the usual big publishing machinery whirring away, readers feel involved and very much part of the whole Stonewylde thing (and they really are!). There wouldn't be that huge support and involvement I don't believe if Stonewylde was being promoted by a massive publishing house.

Thanks for you nice comments about my family - yes, I'm really lucky to have them all behind me. My middle son drew the Green Man design on the Stonewylde T-shirt, and has written some music I'd like to use too at some point. All three of my sons are writing themselves (although two of them are at uni so very busy) but I haven't read any of their stuff yet - early days.

Anyway, great to have you here and do look at the "Who could play Magus" thread which is quite hilarious in places, and deals exactly with the Stonewylde on the big screen issue! :lol:
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Postby Ruby » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:48 am

Oh Kit, you MUST come to Australia. Let me know if it's ever on the cards because my day job is as a writer and PR chick, so I'd love to help get you some media coverage!

Clever son - I love that drawing! In fact I love your sister's art as well. I can't remember if I saw the following link on your site, but look at these lovely hares...I'm saving up to buy some...

Oh, and you tempted me and I have capitulated - check out my bets for Magus and Clip *chortle*


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Postby kit » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:06 am

Writer and PR chick eh? Just what we need in Oz! If and when we ever do sell the rights in Australia (or publish ourselves like we've done in the USA) I'll be counting on you Ruby!

I love Catherine Hyde's work (and so do other forum members) and in fact Catherine's read Stonewylde and loved it! I've got a set of her greetings cards (can't afford an original painting yet, but would love one). But did you see Helixtree's painting on the Arty-farty thread? I just love my sister's hares - she's done a whole series of hare paintings and will be selling prints and originals at some point too. She's in the process right now of getting the collection of greetings cards printed, so won't be long till they're available.

Glad to see you succumbed - but David Bowie's pushing it a bit now, isn't he? Lovely and gorgeous though he is! :lol:
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